What Are Self Adhesive Labels?

What Are Self Adhesive Labels?

Self adhesive labels are labels that adhere to surfaces through pressure. Since they don’t need any solvent or water, they’re simple and straightforward to use and apply.

They are popular across a range of industries, such as food & beverages, pharmaceuticals and e-commerce. With them you can print out information such as product names, prices, barcodes and images with ease.
They are easy to use aluminium barcode labels price jeddah

Self adhesive labels provide a convenient and practical solution for many tasks. Not only are they easy to apply and remove without leaving behind residue, but they’re also ideal for labelling products, packaging, files, folders and storage containers as well.

They provide a cost-effective and versatile solution for product labelling, packaging, branding, identification, pricing, shipping, and safety. These labels can be printed with various information in custom sizes to meet your


Labels consist of three layers: a face material, pressure sensitive adhesive and backing sheet coated in release agent. These layers are laminated together and die cut to produce individual labels in sheet, roll or fan-fold form.
They are practical

Self adhesive labels are an affordable, durable, and simple to apply solution for labeling products.

They can be utilized in a number of ways, such as price marking, stock labels and identifying hazardous materials. Furthermore, they serve to brand your products and promote your company.

The market for self adhesive labels is expected to expand in the upcoming years. They offer a practical packaging solution that can be tailored to fit specific business requirements. Furthermore, these labels come in an array of styles and colors.

They are affordable

Self adhesive labels are an inexpensive and practical way to brand products. They can be tailored according to different needs and applications, with a range of materials that make them simple to obtain and apply.

The market for self adhesive labels is expanding rapidly due to an uptick in packaged goods such as food and beverages, cosmetics, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and consumer durables.silver barcode labels jeddah

Furthermore, the growing population is spurring this industry’s development. This is attributed to higher per capita incomes that lead to an increased demand for branded products.
They are durable

Self-adhesive labels require specific adhesives, which can have an enormous effect on how they perform. Furthermore, temperature and face stock influence how these adhesives perform.

Labels designed for industrial applications need to adhere firmly and maintain high peel strength under various conditions. This means they must stick to surfaces such as machinery, tools, bins and racks with ease.

To meet these requirements, we offer durable labels that can withstand harsh conditions and caustic solvents. These include chemicals, fuels, cleaners, oils and lubricants.aluminium barcode labels price jeddah

They are easy to apply

Did you know that self adhesive labels are easy to apply?They come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, so you can pick the one that best meets your requirements. Furthermore, they may be printed with various information or graphics.

Labels consist of three layers, such as a release liner or backing paper, face material and adhesive. Together these elements work to secure the label on its container for application.

Clear barcode labels are an effective way to identify your products and assets.

But it’s essential to select the appropriate label material for your application. These components will determine if the label can withstand water, chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Clear barcode labels are an ideal solution for many applications due to their durability and ability to withstand extreme conditions like sunlight, liquids and chemicals.

If you want a high-quality label that will last, invest in more upfront. Doing so will save money in the long run since you won’t have to replace labels and supplies as frequently. Furthermore, this helps minimize common labeling issues like poor printing quality or fading or scratching due to exposure to extreme temperatures, sunlight or chemicals.
Easy to read

Clear barcode labels are the ideal solution for inventory management or product labeling, as they make everything easily readable. This helps guarantee your customers receive the correct item at the right time.

They also help reduce human error in asset tracking, which is a prevalent issue across many industries. Not only can these save you money but provide an improved customer experience as well.

These labels are not only easy to read, but also durable and made with various materials. They come in an assortment of sizes and colors to meet your individual requirements.

. Ultimately, the decision for printing these labels depends on your requirements; generally speaking, on-demand printing works better if each label requires customized information.

Clear barcode labels are an ideal solution for many applications due to their durability and range of materials, including polyester, polystyrene, polybopp and kimdura.

They are resistant to temperature


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