The Ultimate Guide To Avoiding Credit Card Skimming Fraud: Tips And Tricks

The Ultimate Guide To Avoiding Credit Card Skimming Fraud: Tips And Tricks

The use of credit and debit cards is increasing day by day. There is no doubt that these modes of payment are smarter, quicker, and more efficient. However, these also carry a risk of security and fraudulent activities. Digital payments may have their pros, but there are cons too. Along with hacking and breach of security, there are many other scams and digital frauds to illegally collect information using your cards. 

Any unwanted usage of your credit card can make a negative impact on your CIBIL score. You can check CIBIL score on the CIBIL score app to identify this, but there’s more. This article will guide you through one such credit card fraud called skimming and how you can avoid the same. 

Credit Card Skimming 

The use of credit cards is frequent almost everywhere. You are using your credit card on some machine one moment, not knowing how many threats it is being exposed to. You can become subject to credit card skimming while swiping your credit card on a machine. Credit card skimming is one of the new and serious frauds in the digital world, where skimmers use the most cautious and unidentifiable technique to get your credit card information. Credit card skimming occurs when a skimmer or a fraud inserts a chip into the machine where your credit card will be inserted. This chip records your card’s data from the magnetic strip, including the name, number, and even the particulars. With this information, the skimmer can easily access your credit by creating a clone of the credit card or even via other methods. The skimmer can further steal your identity and take credit using your name.

You may not even notice the fraud until you check CIBIL score on the CIBIL score app, and the score has taken a hit because of non-repayment issues. 

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Credit Card Skimming 

The chips inserted in the machines to skim the credit card are not big, odd, or easily identifiable. You may not even realise if there is a chip at all. However, you can keep a few tricks in mind the next time you use your credit card. 

  • Check CIBIL Score

A CIBIL report allows you to keep track of your credit transactions and more. Be sure to check CIBIL score and report from time to time, and if you spot an unidentified transaction, take action immediately. You can check CIBIL score for free once a year on the CIBIL score app or website. You can also go for a paid subscription on the CIBIL score app or website for multiple credit checks.

  • Observe the Machine 

You may use your credit card on many machines. However, on your part, the best thing to do is check the machine as best as possible before entering your card. If you find something new or suspicious, question it.  

  • Do Not Allow Others to Access Your Card

When making a credit payment using your card, ensure that you use the card yourself. Do not allow others to enter your card or view any details. Keep your card to yourself and away from others. Also, check CIBIL score and report on the CIBIL score app when you use your credit card on new machines to ensure the activities of your card.

  • Try Scan, Tap, and Pay

The best way to avoid skimming is to reduce the use of credit cards in unauthorized or not-so-secure places. Try scanning, tap and pay, and various other payment methods that do not involve putting your card in the machine in the first place!

  • Make Supervised Payments 

Another tip is to use supervised machines or ATMs with a camera or some trackability and security so you know your transaction is taking place in a safe environment with safe equipment. This reduces the chances of the skimmer inserting the chip. 


Due to the trickery with which the skimming takes place, it is not easily identified. Be sure to take the precautions mentioned in this article and keep all your credit secure! Also, check CIBIL score and report on the CIBIL score app to stay alert about your payments and card details. If you do not wish to check using the CIBIL score app, you can also use the CIBIL score website.


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