Lovely- Manly Gift baskets for Valentine’s Day for your men

Lovely- Manly Gift baskets for Valentine’s Day for your men

Valentine’s day comes every year with lots of markets overflowing with gifts, freebies, hampers, new clothes and a lot of roses. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your beloved on a romantic dinner or planning a day away from the city could be very exciting but the most important thing of them all is to get a perfect gift for men.

Before getting to know the mixture of gift baskets it’s important to collect a few things for their decoration – 

Well, there are a lot of things in the market, do not underestimate that in comparison for men equally useful and amazing gifts are available all you need to do is just have a keen eye for purchasing them.  I can understand it’s very difficult to find something for men that suits their personality. Hence hee you can find the most perfect gifts for your men and they are in the form of a basket that can be a compilation of great things useful for them. 


If someone ever told you men are not for growers then they are wrong, most men love receiving flowers and also gardening. So at the base of your gift basket add a few flowers of your choice or if you know he has a personal favourite like roses,orchids, chrysanthemums, peonies etc. 


Candles are one of the best decorations to add along with your gift basket. Of course you can get to know the flavours that he likes way in advance. Some of the fragrance for men are cedar, coffee, forest, oak, spicy, fruity like citrus and orange and chocolate. More about each fragrance and how to incorporate them can be read further. 

Let’s start with gift baskets fit your men – 

Personalised organiser

Start decorating your gift basket by placing a desired shape of net at the base then add a few flower petals or artificial flowers then forest and oak candles that’ll be perfect with this wooden organiser flowers, and lastly sunglass that’ll complete your gift and your beloved would be very happy to receive it as now he can keep all his things arranged in one place. Also close the basket with a net closing its end with a bow tie and before you gift him make sure to order online flower delivery on valentine’s day, but book flowers in advance. 

Organic shaving kit 

Yes, you heard that right there are many shaving kits available in the market but this is the time to choose the one that is organic because it’ll be amazing for your man’s skin. There are all assorted kits available or you can make one from different brands. For the decoration add a cinnamon and chocolate candle with a few essential oils as well as a set of face towels. Your beloved would be overjoyed to receive them. Add a flower bouquet separately or decorate the basket with flowers all around it. 

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Shirt and tie

I can understand that exclamation on your face! But valentine’s day isn’t just about giving things but buying things that are actually useful for both of you. Maybe your beloved is yet to get new shirts. Now if you know this, then it could be a perfect gift for him. You could go with classic white or any colour that you think you both don’t have in common. For the best, also add a neck tie that goes with the shirt. Finish your gift basket with a small bouquet and  add candles like citrus lime and orange. 

Celebration by the pool 

You may not have enough time in February to celebrate valentine’s in an exotic location. So surprise him by an entire night out at a nice hotel. After your regular dinner on the 13th, order cake online in advance and present it to him right after dinner or at midnight. Now the cake must be shaped like a pool outside the room saying happy valentine’s day. Apart from the cake add candles of ocean, pineapple and coconut fragrance for the tropical touch. Add a few pebbles and a pack of swimming trunks that you know he’ll enjoy wearing. 

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Food subscription pack 

If your man is one of those people who enjoys working and helping you in the kitchen then a food subscription would be perfect for him. It could be assorted ice cream, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches or favouring sets like garlic, onion, cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, cardamom, black pepper and a lot more to whatever he likes. Now pack your gifts in a basket add a cinnamon and chocolate candle for the perfect touch.


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