All You Need to Know about Personal Loan Installment Calculator

All You Need to Know about Personal Loan Installment Calculator

The Personal Loan Installment Calculator is extremely simple to use. Fill out the form with your preferred loan amount, interest rate, processing fee, and loan tenure. To see your estimated monthly payment, click Calculate. An amortization chart can also be used to view your payment plan details.

Several factors, including loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure determine the monthly payment for your personal loan. Calculate your monthly installments ahead of time to better budget your finances.

Instalment Calculator for Personal Loans

A personal loan installment Calculator is a tool that allows you to calculate the amount of EMI you’ll be required to pay. To calculate the estimated EMI, enter information such as the interest rate, loan amount, tenure, and so on. This calculator can assist you in determining the EMI amount that will not put you in debt.

What Factors Influence Personal Loan, Instalment Calculator

  • Loan Amount: The loan amount determines the EMI payable. The lender determines the maximum loan amount you can obtain based on your repayment capacity, relationship with the bank, and other factors.
  • Rate of Interest: The rate of interest is also directly proportional to the EMI in this case. The EMI increases as the interest rate rises. The bank will determine the interest rate on your loan based on various factors such as your income, credit history, repayment capacity, and so on.
  • The loan tenure: The loan duration you choose is inversely proportional to the EMI. The lower the EMI, the longer the tenure. However, if you have a longer term, you may end up paying more in interest. Loan terms typically range between 12 months and 84 months.

How to Determine the Monthly Interest Rate on a Personal Loan

When approaching a financial institution to obtain a personal loan, the main piece of information you seek is the interest rate being offered. Once you have it, you must convert it to a monthly rate before using it to calculate the EMI because the interest rate is always presented as an annual rate. The following formula is used to accomplish this.

Monthly interest rate = interest rate divided by 12

For instance, if the interest rate on your personal loan is 18% p.a., your monthly interest rate will be calculated as follows:

18/12 = 1.5

This means that the monthly interest rate will be 1.5%.

How can I decrease my personal loan EMI?

Consider the following options to reduce your personal loan installment Calculator

  • Making partial prepayments whenever possible: When you partially prepay a loan, you pay a portion of the outstanding loan amount early, allowing you to reduce EMI or tenure. Only choose lower EMIs if you are having difficulty repaying your current EMIs. If not, tenure reduction is a better option because it will save you more money on your loan’s overall interest cost.
  • Transferring your personal loan: You may also wish to consider transferring your loan to a lender that offers lower interest rates. Some lenders may also provide a longer repayment period for personal loan balance transfers. Before deciding on a balance transfer, use an online EMI calculator to see how much money you can save by lowering your EMIs.

How should the Personal Loan EMI Calculator be used?

Using a personal loan instalment calculator is simple, and anyone can do so, even if they have yet to gain prior experience. Almost all lenders in India now have an EMI calculator on their websites to assist potential customers in calculating their EMI and making an informed borrowing decision.

The tool typically has a simple and self-explanatory interface; no technical knowledge is required to use it. You must enter the values in the relevant sections, such as the loan amount, the duration of the credit, and the interest rate. The tool will automatically calculate and display the applicable EMI. You can freely change the values of the inputs and experiment with different combinations. The tool is free to use and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


To calculate the lowest EMI, consider your preferred loan amount, the lowest rate offered by the relevant bank, and the maximum tenure. It is always recommended that you pay your EMIs on time. If you fail to make repayments, most banks charge a 2% penalty fee on your EMI. Furthermore, any missed payment will harm your credit score and may jeopardize your ability to obtain a loan in the future. To avoid financial stress, use a personal loan instalment calculator to calculate your EMI ahead of time.


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