The Importance of Dressing for Your Body Type: Men’s Edition

The Importance of Dressing for Your Body Type: Men’s Edition

Not everyone is aware of the different body shapes and styles for them. In addition, most people are influenced by Social media influencers and follow them for getting their dressing style guide. Although you need to have knowledge about what body shape you have in order to dress accordingly. Otherwise, you may just end up looking like trash no matter what brands you opt for.

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There Are 5 Body Types:

Rectangle, Inverted Triangle, Oval, triangle and Trapezoid. Figuring out what your body shape is where you should start from. Once you get hold of the understanding in which category you fit in. Then you will be able to make the right clothing choices for yourself.

The body shapes are explained below:

  1. Rectangle
  2. Inverted Triangle
  3. Oval
  4. Triangle
  5. Trapezoid

1). Rectangle:

The men with Rectangle body frame are tall and have thin body frame. Their waist and shoulder are of the same width.

2). Inverted Triangle:

The body structure of an Inverted Triangle is the base at the shoulders and it points towards the belly button.

3). Oval

In these men, the torso is broader than their shoulders and hips.

4). Triangle

Men with triangle body shapes have larger waists and hips in comparison to chests and shoulders.

5). Trapezoid

They have a narrower waist and their rib cage widens moving up to the collarbone and shoulders.

People who desire to look stylish should consider looking up their body type before starting to buy clothes. It’s important because without being aware of your body shape you will end up buying the wrong set of clothes. More importantly, you will understand what clothes truly complement your body type.

Before diving into the reason let’s first discuss the different ways through which you can determine the body type.

Although there are literal calculators available on the internet where you can insert your info to get the right option. However there is a simple method to determine the body type.


  • First, stand in front of the mirror
  • Remove any extra layering of your clothes which can hamper your measurements.
  • Start by measuring the widest part of your body.
  • Measure your chest waist and torso.
  • Compare all the measurements
  • Through these measurements, you can determine your body type

After you know what body type category you fall in, now we can talk about the reasons.


To look put together:

When you style according to your body shape, all the clothes you wear make you look put together and enticing on you. Furthermore, many do not give the body shape a thought when finding clothes. Additionally, this is why they struggle to find and even if they think they got the clothes they like they do not look good in them because of their body shape.

To achieve your desired body shape:

  • People with oval or triangle body shapes naturally have wider torsos. Mostly men indulge themselves in daily workouts to decrease the appearance of their shape. Those who cannot work out regularly can use these tips to look slimmer.
  • Wear black, you must have heard about it many times. That is true because black hide fat by eliminating all the shadows that your body casts.
  • Along with thinking of the shape of your body make use of vertical lines. It can create an illusion shifting the focus from your weight to the length.

Things to avoid according to body type

There are do and don’ts for everything otherwise you might not achieve the results you are looking for.

Triangle body type:

No fitted polo shirts roll necks, bold colours, overdone prints, skinny fits or tapers.

Rectangular body type:

No double-breasted jackets.

Oval body type:

Tight torso fits or visual clutters.

Trapezoid body type:

Loose or baggy clothes

Inverted triangle body shape:

Prints, scoop necklines, patterns, tailoring your clothes according to your size.

To bring confidence

When you wear clothes that are of high quality, tailor fit and designed for your body then it gives you a confidence boost. Making you feel like you can face any challenges life has to throw at you. In addition, some researchers tell us, wearing formal is going to transform your way of looking at things and your approach towards situations. Moreover, you must have heard of the term power suit. Yes not everyone feels powerful in the same kind of suit. You can pick anything that gives enhances your confidence.

Clothes send a message to the viewer:

Do you know your clothes portray a message? Usually, entrepreneurs go for solid colours because they want people to know that they are focused individuals. Furthermore, you can use bold colours if you want to create a statement. Additionally, use detailing such as ruffles and cozy scarfs for a softer tone.

Moreover, you must decide what outfit must wear for formal events and what to wear for casual occasions. Moreover, for office wear, you must incorporate security, confidence, credibility and a sense of security into your colleagues through your style of clothes.


This blog is about 7 reasons why dressing up for your body type is important in Men’s Edition. Where firstly body types are described which are Rectangle, Inverted Triangle, Oval, Triangle and Trapezoid. Furthermore, all the reasons are explained in detail. The reasons are to look put together, to achieve your desired body shape, Things to avoid according to body type, to bring confidence and Clothes to send a message to the viewer.


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